Are Vegans Still People?

Last night I was telling my daughter that I couldn’t eat the cheese she was trying to share with me because I was a vegan.  I went on to explain to her that being a vegan meant that I didn’t eat cheese, or milk, or yoghurt, or butter, or meat, or fish, and that I was also gluten-free (she’s very familiar with this one), so that I couldn’t eat most bread either.  She looked at me pensively for a few seconds and then, in a deadly serious way, said “Mummy, are you still a person?” 🙂  What a giggle we had and this one will make me smile for a long time 🙂

Sometimes I do wonder how long it will be before I am craving a steak (always rare) with some creamy scalloped potatoes, or cheese on toast, or a blue cheese omelette, or creme brûlée….. but so far I’ve found enough delicious things to keep me entertained as a GF Vegan, so I’ll keep on trucking.

I’ve been negligent in my reading for the past week or so and need to dive back into my educational world.  I will get there shortly and will share what I learn.  Interestingly though, a lady at work who has pretty bad RA sent me a note today to let me know that I might want to look into The Plant Paradox because it has been able to help a lot of people with inflammatory auto immune issues …. first I smiled at her kindness to share this with me (she’s one of just a handful of people who know that I have RP), and then at the thought that other people are out there trying to heal themselves through their lifestyle.  It’s awesome!

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