A Vegan In Texas :-)

So, I have been avoiding travel for work for some time, primarily because I can’t be bothered being away from home and I find that 90% of what needs to be done can be done remotely.  Many of my older and more technology-averse colleagues would disagree, but they’re wrong!

Anyway, my work travel took me to Houston and I was somewhat apprehensive of the eating challenges I would face whilst here – Houston not being known as Gluten-free Vegan territory.  However, other than one hilarious situation today, I was pleasantly surprised.

Breakfast was my own granola bar that I made in advance and packed to take with me, so that meant I didn’t have to think about how to navigate sausage, biscuits and gravy, or eggs on everything, which is standard breakfast fayre here.  I then treated myself to an almond milk latte on my way to the office (I didn’t drink coffee for 4 years and recently decided I would restart because I like it and, frankly, I’m giving up everything else, so why the hell not!?).  Then it comes to lunch and at a restaurant and I tell them I’m gluten-free and vegan and that I’d like a signature salad with the offending items removed.  They proceed to bring me a salad (a lame concoction of iceberg lettuce with about 1/5th of an avocado and one grape tomato) with croutons and cheese on top.  I then tell them that I’m gluten-free and vegan and they confirm with me that cheese is out…. 🙂  Now I know I’m not the only vegan in Houston, but I might be one of a small group 🙂

Dinner was surprisingly good with a rice bowl from my hotel restaurant along with some hummus and roasted veg.  Washing this down with some wine was pretty tolerable.

No flare, plenty of stress, very little sleep, but heading home tomorrow, so that makes me happy.

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