Doctor Enlightened.

My youngest sister hasn’t been feeling well recently and I’ve been sharing with her some of what I’m learning about diet and nutrition to see if that can help.  She’s been doing pretty well with it, but she’s still not feeling well.  So, she went to see her Doctor and, based on her symptoms, he told her that she’s possibly got Type 2 Diabetes and she’s getting blood work etc. to determine whether or not his suspicion is right.  So, this is clearly not the best news for anyone to receive, but there is an awesome part.  She told him about the Wahls Protocol and also that she’s trying to go Vegan both for a healthier lifestyle and also for weight loss.  Apparently he listened intently and told her that diet can reverse Type 2 Diabetes and that he will support her by helping her find a nutritionist/dietician to work with to make sure she’s changing her diet and lifestyle in a healthy way.  HOW AMAZING IS THAT!?  She was thrilled and I’m equally as thrilled that a medical Doctor is engaging in and encouraging the use of diet to help manage a serious illness.  My faith is restored 🙂

Also, I’m now more motivated than I was (and I was pretty seriously motivated anyway) to continue with my nutrition education and dietary experiment so that I can help myself and now also my sister.  She’s motivated to get healthy, but doesn’t have the immediate live-in support network that I have in the form of my husband, so I’m also going to be her motivator to help her stay focused and get better.

In other news, I’ve discovered a vegan and gluten-free treat that may replace my addiction to melted chocolate ice cream from an awesome store called ‘Village’.  Anyway, these treats are Peanut Butter and Raspberry Energy Balls and I found them on a blog called Deliciously Ella.  You simply have to try them, they’re really sumptuous and although they’re calorie dense, they have no added sugar, so they’re basically health food 🙂

Aside from that, I haven’t missed meat at all since stopping it and I seriously don’t miss eggs in their natural form, but I do miss them in cake and I also miss butter.  However, I am now a cooking and vegan blog fiend and have found some amazing sites out there that I’m now cooking from every day.  I feel good, I feel full, I feel healthy, and I am losing weight again, so that can only be a good thing.  Also, I haven’t had a flare, so I’m thrilled about that too.


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