What The Health?!

Watch this documentary “What The Health” on Netflix.  I couldn’t stop watching it and although it did partly feel a little dramatic, it may have changed my life in just a 90 minute period of time….

Now I’m in a major quandary about whether or not I should eat animal products at all….. despite my earlier commitment to the Wahls Diet and possible progression to Wahls Paleo, which involves eating animal organ meat as well.

There are so many challenges for us all in figuring out what to eat and what’s best for our health: how do we know who’s telling the truth without studying to become a scientist and do all our own testing and research; is the healthiest diet different for every individual or can it generally be applied to everyone (I’m thinking here of my 2.5 year old daughter); what if we get it wrong and there are unintended consequences to choosing what we think is a healthy diet; is there enough time in the day to read and educate ourselves about nutrition such that we are armed with enough facts to make a smart decision; what if what’s making us ‘sick’ is not our food/diet, what if it’s our environment or something else that we can’t control at all and our diet doesn’t make a blind bit of difference; the list goes on……

So, this morning, my husband and I bought no less than 7 books about nutrition that variously say (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘all animal products are bad for you’, ‘all plants are bad for you’, ‘all cooked food is bad for you’, ‘a mix of everything is what you want’, and so on.  It’s going to be an interesting education session over the next few weeks, but as I/we try to figure it out, we’ve decided against the meat order from the local farm.  Once we have a plan, and if it involves meat, we’ll definitely be heading out to see the farm and reorder some meat.  If, however, it involves only plants, then we’ll be spending time and money on figuring out how to grow as much of it ourselves as we can: and wouldn’t that be a fun family project that would not only provide us with a healthy project, but it would also teach our daughter a lot.

Anyway, I’m seriously confused, but hoping that I can get some enlightenment through reading, triangulating data, questioning, investigating sponsorship/funding of the literature, thinking, feeling, and talking to those who are educated way beyond my ken.

It’s another twisty turn in my experimentation with diet and I am still 100% focused on changing my outcome with RP.  Onward!

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