My butt hurts.

I truly did intend to get up this morning and workout again.  However, my daughter work up 1 minute before my 5.25am alarm, which pretty much killed that morning opportunity to do the workout.  Then, I tried to ignore her for as long as possible, but ultimately ended up being up and at it at 5.45am.  I say up and at it as if I was spritely and full of the joys of spring, when I was in fact moaning as I squatted to pick up my daughter, groaning as I squatted to sit on the loo, puffing as I pulled off my pj top…. and so on…. for a 15 minute workout, yesterday’s HITT effort really did kick my butt.

I noodled the possibility of doing it again later in the day, but settled on the (what I think is a sensible) decision not to bother because I will do it tomorrow instead and hopefully I won’t hurt as much by then!  Fingers crossed.

Still no flare-up to report, so I’m thrilled with that.  I’m not doing well avoiding chocolate and ice-cream (always dairy-free of course), but generally I feel pretty good.  I’ve started wearing my Fitbit again: I stopped months ago because it wasn’t making me do anything different.  I would look at it in the morning and just acknowledge that 6.5hrs sleep just isn’t enough, but that wouldn’t make me go to bed earlier the next night.  Ditto, I would get vibrations to alert me to the fact that I’d been sitting for too long and I’d just mentally note how busy I was.  I’m just not easily influenced by a buzzing piece of plastic or some charts on an app.  However, I think now that I’m really aware of how important it is to move my body more than up and down from a chair and to and from a printer, I really should find a way to use this technology to motivate myself.  So, I’m duly wearing it and have managed to get to about 8,000 steps each day (3 days so far).  The target is 10,000, of course, but I’ll work up to that.  I have a super over-achieving friend who sets her target at 20,000 steps a day and if she doesn’t have them in the bag before bed, she walks up and down the stairs in her house until she gets the magic number…… I truly admire her will power!

Food today has been yum.  More of the delicious bacon from yesterday, followed by creamy avocado, lots of leaves, turnip roasted in duck fat (I would eat turnip for every meal if it tasted this way always) and some awesome chicken and bacon meatballs.

I’ve also finally ordered some meat from  I’m getting 1/8 of a cow, 1/2 a pig and a whole bunch of garlic.  In anticipation of said large quantities of meat, I’ve ordered an enormous chest freezer (22 cubic feet).  I’m excited about it and also about some new knowledge about garlic: it can freeze very well….. who knew!?

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