Smiling like a basket of chips….

I’ve no real idea what this phrase means.  My great-aunt used to say it and none of my family could figure it out.  However, this morning, I am certain that’s what I was doing.  🙂

I had a day off and, despite not having set my alarm, I woke at 5.25am.  I’m a morning person anyway and when I’m awake I’m on, so I decided that I would get up and go downstairs to my basement and do some exercise…. yes, you did read that right!

So, off I went, and pulled up some HITT (High Intensity Technical Training) ideas and set out to kick my own ass.  Here’s what I did:

  • 20 squats
  • 1 minute plank
  • 30 lunges (alternating legs)
  • 35 jumping jacks
  • 2×30 second side planks (alternating sides)
  • 25 second wall sit
  • 15 butt kicks
  • 5 push ups

By the time I got to the 25 second wall sit, I was counting out loud to help motivate myself to remain wall-sitting….. I seriously thought my gums and lungs were going to bleed and I started wheezing (childhood asthma never quite leaves you).  Holy shit!  Hard work indeed.  To make myself calm down after this, I did 15 minutes of a medium-intensity cycle on my stationary bike (which was a bit dusty, I must admit).

I drank water like it was going out of fashion, but of course it just takes time for a sedentary soul like me to recover from a massive spike in heart-rate.  So, after about 5 minutes, I was back to relative normality and feeling absolutely wonderful, as well as virtuous and proud!

To top it all off, I weighed myself and found that I am just 0.8lbs off my target weight, so that helped make me feel pretty awesome.  🙂

So, I plan to do the same routine tomorrow, or something similar and see how it goes.  My eating is going super well: aren’t avocados the best food in the world!?.  I tried Kombucha tea today, which was delicious, but it’s v. expensive to buy, so I think it’ll be a treat rather than a normal thing for me.  Now I’m back to reading about how exercise helps keep you young, and also about how it can actually generate more mitochondria, which can only be a good thing for someone like me who’s trying to cure my disease and make my body healthier and stronger.

Finally, at lunch time, I ate the most delicious bacon I’ve ever tasted.  I’m going to be going back for more tomorrow and I know for certain that today the bacon replenished my exercise-induced endorphins. 🙂


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