Craving and caving.

I’m human and therefore susceptible to moments of temptation and also to giving in.  So, I’m not perfect and I’ve eaten more ice cream (dairy free) as well as chocolate (also dairy free).  But, I feel like I’m getting to the ‘settled-in’ phase of my transition to the Wahls Diet and that I’ll soon have put the cravings to bed and satisfied myself that there are treats available and that I don’t have to eat them all now…. I know my flaws, I’ve just never corrected them.

So, I’ve been researching where to get grass-fed and wild meat and fish: I have some good options that I’ll be investigating further and acting on once my large freezer arrives (hopefully next week).

The food I’m cooking is really tasty and I’ve moved away from breakfast smoothies and am opting for salad with fish or meat instead.  Honestly, I’ve been reminded in the past week how wild caught fish has a different flavour to farmed fish and I’ve been enjoying every morsel.  The salad for brekkie was weird only for a day or two, if I’m really honest, and now I’m totally fine with it.  So, the food part is all good and I’ve even managed to find some grass-fed options in my local supermarket, which I wasn’t expecting, but am really pleased about.

I’ve been reading some blogs about the health benefits of the Paleo diet.  Unsurprisingly, it’s all very consistent with the Wahls Protocol book, even down to discussing the benefits of bone broth and collagen.  Ooh… I also had my first home-made bone broth – we had roast duck last weekend and made broth from the carcass.  It’s really tasty and hilariously it reminds me of the flavour of my parents’ vegetable soup.  Now, you have to understand that in Ireland, if something is labelled as vegetable anything, e.g. curry, soup, bake or whatever, it does not mean that it’s suitable for a vegetarian (it’s very like Germany that way).  So, my childhood vegetable soup, which was awfully tasty, was made with a ham bone, much to my elder sister’s horror!  🙂  My parents know how to make delicious veggie soup and I will be replicating that in the coming weeks,

I’ve also inspired my youngest sister to start on the Wahls Diet: in fact, she is trying Wahls Paleo, so no grains, legumes, or dairy.  She loves to cook and is really enjoying the challenge of making interesting meals that comply with the principles of the diet.  I am so chuffed she’s doing it and hope she gets great results.

Tomorrow I’ll be eating salad for breakfast, a grass-fed beef and sweet potato skillet for lunch, and whatever my awesome husband rustles up for dinner.

I’ve been flare-free now for 3 days and I’m positive I’ll manage ages this time.

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