It came to something…

It’s been a busy day: starting at 4.31am when my daughter wakes up hungry and intent on staying awake.  So, up gets the household and into an active day.  Plenty of things going on at work, both real work that will earn money and also the soft-side of work when my office becomes a ‘listening-ear’ area where many of my colleagues are comfortable sharing their concerns, frustrations, etc. and seeking some advice.  I enjoy being a trusted advisor to my colleagues, but it is tiring and when they’re talking and I’m listening, the work isn’t being done by my elves.

I ate super healthily today and had exactly what the Dr. ordered for my intake.  My husband also made an awesome stew containing a tonne of sulphur-rich veg as well as delicious beef.  In addition, and spurred on by yesterday’s post regarding the bone broth and glutamine benefits, he added bone broth and I must admit that the rich flavour was fab: I’ll definitely be going back for more. 🙂

My evening has been spent reading more about the Wahls Paleo diet, which is quite different from the Wahls diet and equally educational.  I’ve just been educated about the perils of being an unstructured vegetarian and of the challenges with being a structured vegetarian: I’m glad I’m not that way inclined.

I learned that if you heat olive oil that much of the antioxidant qualities are lost.  I also learned that vegetable oil is a bad purchase as it contains high levels of Omega 6, which when out of balance with Omega 3 can cause an inflammatory reaction.  All fascinating stuff.

It then got to 8pm and I was falling asleep reading, so headed to the bathroom to take off my make-up and get ready for bed.  I was washing my face when I brushed my ear and felt a flare…. double shit!  My right ear has swollen up (thank you RP) and is currently throbbing away having a jolly good laugh at my expense.  I had a niggling feeling that the sensitivity I’d been feeling for the past couple of days was going to come to something, but I’m an optimist and was genuinely working hard to convince myself and put mind over matter, but in this instance I’ve failed.

Anyway, I’ve now popped a Naproxene chased by a Pantoprazole and I will do likewise in the morning in the hope that I can control this flare and make it go the f@$# away asap!  Worst thing I have to endure tomorrow is waiting in a line at the lab services to get bloodwork that isn’t scheduled: it’s painfully slow and irritating because I don’t have the choice but to wait.  Bummer…. another day, another medical issue.

I’m steel-willed, however, and not in any way put off my course by this flare interruption.  I’ll persevere and I’ll succeed!

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