Wine? Why, yes!

Now, if this Wahls Protocol had started by saying “on the Wahls Diet, you can have a glass of wine a day, if you like” I’m sure it would have been a bigger instant hit!  I’ve been reading more about the specifics of what you should eat and what you can eat in moderation.  I’m surprised, but pleased to see that you are indeed allowed to have wine and chocolate (>75% cacao content and assuming it contains no milk).

I’m not about to run to the wine fridge and break open a bottle, but it’s really nice to know that if I do want to have a glass, on occasion, that it’s ok.  Also, I’m surprisingly not craving chocolate, but if and when I do I can treat myself.  Sigh of relief that for the next 40 years I don’t have to abstain from delicious things like these because even with my iron-will, I doubt I could manage a forever abstinence 🙂

Another revelation from the Wahls Protocol this evening is that bananas, apples and pears are treats and only to be eaten after all the 9 cups of veg and fruit have been consumed.  They do contain antioxidants as well as lots of vitamins and such.  However, because the colour from the skin doesn’t go all the way through, they have a lower concentration of antioxidants than produce that is deeply coloured throughout.  I’m not a huge fruit person, so not eating apples or bananas regularly isn’t going to make me lose sleep, but it’s surprising that they’re not encouraged.

The book goes on to talk about how important it is to have fresh veg and fruit that hasn’t travelled far, and ideally that was picked that day.  It further recommends getting grass-fed and organic meat and wild-caught fish that’s as local as possible.  Clearly, Dr. Terry Wahls has never lived in Alberta, Canada where winter is long and where we’re a long distance from berry farms, veg that’s been picked today, any kind of fruit-growing for about 6 months of the year, and we’re approximately 1000km from the ocean.  There are lakes and rivers though with lots of fish in them and plenty of bison, elk, deer, etc. roaming free, so that’s a good start.  I guess I just have to buy what I can that’s closest to the ideal.  I also do know some hunters…. I suppose now is the time to turn on the charm and get them to share the spoils of their next expedition.  It’s either that or I head to Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop and learn how to do it myself…. what a thought!!!

I’ll just remain thankful that I don’t live somewhere like Norman Wells, where I have it on good authority that a watermelon can cost $60….. unreal!

Oh, and to close out my pneumonia vaccine issue from my last post: turns out I’m having an uncommon, but not undocumented reaction to the jag.  I have lines drawn on my arm, which my daughter thinks look like a humpback whale, to make sure it’s clear where the swelling was and is moving to.  It’s gotten much better in the past 24 hours, and I’m told that it should be all but gone in the next 24 hours.  Relieved that nothing too weird was going on in there and that the only concern I have now is getting biro off my skin: thanks Dr.!

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