Salad for breakfast.

I’m not sure it will ever be normal to have salad for breakfast, but that’s what I had this morning.  And, by ‘this morning’ I mean 5.20am…. a brutally early start so that I could then haul myself out of the house into the -25C air and downtown to a meeting looking groomed and professional.

This salad breakfast was a departure from my smoothie plan, but I could exactly make a tonne of noise with a blender at 5.20am and wake up the whole house, so a sedate salad it was.  I’ve been working a lot and quite late hours (thankfully I can do the late hours from home) and so haven’t been great at planning meals in advance.  So, I found myself without plans for lunch: enter a salad bar at a local grocery.  Life saver!

So, I’ve eaten everything I’m supposed to today and discovered that sesame-oil salad dressing is quite yummy: I’d never had it until today.  Happy day!

Now onto a side topic… For the past two days I’ve had the pleasure of being poked by needles.  Two days ago I went for blood work (monthly routine) and the lady doing it has been doing the same job, i.e. taking people’s blood, for 16 years.  However, I found her to be the second worse blood-taker I’ve ever encountered.  The bruise will be with me until next month’s appointment….

Yesterday I had to get a second pneumonia vaccine because I’m taking Methotrexate.  The first protects me against 13 types of pneumonia and the second protects me against 26 other types…. now I thought there was only one type of pneumonia, so my education continues.  The first vaccine that I had 8-weeks back was totally fine.  They inject into the muscle in your upper arm between your bicep and shoulder (not sure what that part is called).  It’s uncomfortable to start with, but the first time it went away and I was none the worse for wear.  However, this time, it got worse as the evening went on and I couldn’t sleep on it and my arm felt very stiff.  This morning it was a bit of a struggle to wash my hair (but in the interests of looking groomed and professional, I persevered).  It got worse throughout the day and when I removed my work clothing this evening I noticed how swollen and red it is and the redness has spread a good 5 inches down my arm.  It’s also hot to touch.  So, I think I’ll seek some medical advice (not from Dr. Google) and make sure it’s normal.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  I’m going to veg for the remainder of my evening… seems I can’t get away from the stuff! 🙂

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