I don’t like blueberries.

Holy crap, there’s a lot of eating in 9 cups of veg and fruit a day.  I wonder if I’ll ever get used to it…. I guess we’ll see!

So, dinner out last night was much easier than I expected.  I was at a very nice steakhouse and once informed of my preferences they were super accommodating.  I had roasted beet salad to start and then filet steak with mushroom, broccolini and asparagus on the side.  It was tasty, if a little salty (restaurants are always saltier than I’d like), but the most awesome dish was the asparagus.  I swear there were 30 spears in the dish…. my dinner partner and I had such a laugh about it – it seemed like they were at the end of the evening and didn’t think they’d use it, so gave it all to us!  If I were the food photo-taking type I’d have snapped a pic to upload, but you’ll just have to use your imagination.  Also, this may help with the visual, I ate the leftovers today and the remains of last night’s dinner counted as 3 cups of sulphur-rich veg!

Not having any wine with dinner was also easy and I think that’s because my dinner partner doesn’t drink and so there wasn’t a glass staring at me throughout the evening, but also because I had plenty of bubbles and wine over the holidays, so I don’t feel the need to drink right now.

Today is my husband’s birthday and so I took him out for lunch.  A great fish restaurant that was equally as accommodating to me as the steakhouse.  I did stray off the ideal path though and had about 1/2 cup of jasmine rice with my fish and then I had 1.5 macaroons instead of birthday cake.  I was quite full on veg and fish and so didn’t feel the need to eat all the rice on my plate, which I would have done in the past.  Also, I was 100% satisfied by my macaroon indulgence and, surprisingly, I wasn’t sad that I wasn’t eating more junk-food.  The old me could easily have eaten a whole tray of macaroons and thought nothing of it: I just love sugar (but who doesn’t!?).

I made some great chicken and bacon meatballs tonight also and ate them with the largest and most colourful salad I’ve ever eaten: oranges, peppers of all colours, dark green lettuce, and blueberries.  I’ve never been a berry fan, unless it’s strawberries covered in cream, or raspberries served with a chocolate torte.  Tonight I was reminded that I really don’t like blueberries – they’re kinda squishy and the taste isn’t fabulous.  Perhaps it’s not that I don’t like them, but rather that I’m apathetic to them or find them to be a bit of an anticlimax….  But, regardless, I’m going to eat them because apparently they are full of antioxidants that will help my cells get rid of waste produced by my mitochondria and then they’ll make sure the free radicals don’t attach to important proteins and screw with my mojo….. I’m totally getting into all this medical stuff :-).

Back on the meatballs: it’s a super easy recipe from the Paleo Healing Cookbook.  The ingredients are bacon, ground chicken, sage, garlic, and spring onions all blended together in the food processor and then formed into meatballs.  They were really yummy and my 2.5 year old daughter gobbled them up, as did my husband.

Tomorrow I’m back on the straight path and I’ll be having a smoothie for brekkie and a tonne of veg throughout the day.  With no lunch or dinner out, I’ll be 100% on top of things.

So, the end of another great day during which I have felt awesome, energized, happy and full, with no flare-up in sight (clear for 2.5 weeks now).  I feel good, nananananananah….. 🙂

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